Google Analytics Consulting Service

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Expert Google Analytics Consulting Service

Get most out of your website traffic data with Google Analytics.

Web analytics has been an integral part of any website performance to measure online & offline marketing campaign success.

Tracking website traffic & conversions are very important for every business owner who is selling his products & services online.  

Businesses which are investing money on their marketing seeks Google Analytics expert help to get the Google Analytics data analyzed so that they can create a concrete plan for their marketing or SEO campaign.

At Search Engine Monkey, we understand this need of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager experts in every business. That is why we are eager to serve every business owner with our expert Google Analytics consulting services.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Google Analytics Consulting Service

Google Analytics has the verity of dimensions on which data can be analyzed.  We provide various services like traditional Google Analytics Implementation Services which includes:

  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Tag Manager account setup
  • Goals conversion tracking like forms, actions
  • Event tracking
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Conversions optimizations
  • Social tracking
  • Timely report scheduling
  • Google Analytics audit service
  • Strategy creation for conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Google analytics diagnostics

Why Need Google Analytics Freelancer

As mentioned earlier, every business needs its Google Analytics data to be analyzed. We provide expert Google Analytics freelancing services by which you can hire us for part-time & task or project basis which is better than hire someone dedicatedly full time for your projects when you have low budgets.

We work with higher professionalism & keep all client data in complete privacy which every business owner needed.

Be it Google Analytics or any other web analytics consulting, we deliver that all.

Google Analytics Service for eCommerce

In the recent scenario, people love to buy online rather than go to the market for their shopping. In short, customers are changing their way of shopping. So why don’t you change your way of selling?

With the help of expert eCommerce analytics consultant, you can analyze your customer behaviour on the website & adopt their shopping needs & deliver them the best experience what they want.

You can optimize your online store with the inputs shared by the Google Analytics Audit reports & diagnostics which eCommerce analytics consultant will share with you with the detailed analysis of your Google Analytics account.

Google Tag Manager Consulting

Just like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager is also an integral part of any website tracking which help set up the tags & tracking for the websites & apps.

With the vast experienced of Google Tag Manager, our google tag manager expert provide Consulting & audits for your tag manager needs to ensure all the tags & tracking has been done on the right manner so that your Google Analytics record correct data.

google analytics services

Google Analytics Consulting Rates & Cost

We understand that the Google Analytics consultants charge high of the work on any project on a freelance basis. But at Search Engine Monkey, Google Analytics consulting hourly rates are based on the task you want to complete.

We charge on two modules:

  1. Hourly basis; when you only want a phone consultation
  2. Task basis; when you want any task or tracking to be done


Hourly Consultation Charges – $120/Hour

Task Basis Charges – Based on the task you want us to perform, starts from $50 & changes subject to the task type.

Why Hire Search Engine Monkey For Google Analytics Consulting Services

Every business owner wants more sales, leads & conversions online but the key to achieving that is to understand the behaviour of what users want & look for in your website.

If you are able to figure out what your customer wants & what is their activities, you can surely implement it & see the results.

With over a decade of experience in Web analytics tools like Google analytics & tag manager, Google Data studio; we have served more than 200+ clients to setup & troubleshot their Google Analytics account & tracking.

You can mail us directly at if you have any question before getting started with your Google Analytics consulting service.

Google Analytics Consulting FAQs

How Google Analytics helps businesses?

Google Analytics tracks the website visitors on various dimensions like location, device, age, & a lot more. Based on this raw data any business owner can create a strategy for their website to get user engagement & conversions.

Why Google Analytics is important?

Google Analytics helps website owners to analyse the traffic data when they are running any marketing campaign. Based on this data, they can optimize their website & get more leads & conversions.

Can Google Analytics track social media?

Yes. Google Analytics can track the traffic coming from your social media channels with the revenue you received from them. You can even track the top pages, content & more from social media.

Can Google Analytics track mobile apps?

Yes. Google Analytics also work for mobile apps for both Android & iPhone.

Where put Google Analytics code?

Google Analytics tracking code needs to be added on the header file on the website. other settings are based on the CMS of the website you use.

Which Is the Best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

Google Sitekit is the best analytics plugin for WordPress as it tracks data & also shows the dashboard in your WordPress CMS.

We provide Google Analytics Consulting services in the following countries:

United States | United Kingdom | Australia | Singapore | India | New Zealand | Dubai