How To Do Instagram Marketing – A Start To Finish Guide

Social media plays a vital role in marketing & success of the business. Whether you are into fashion, retail, restaurant, B2B, B2C or any industry social media do its work very well.

The social media platforms are upgrading day by day. There are many platforms which used for business marketing but in 2022, Instagram is the one which has proven its potential & help businesses continue to grow.

Since Instagram launched in October 2010 it was just a photo-based social media networking service but its more than that today. According to a survey, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram also contains a large number of influencers which help other businesses to grow by posting content of them.

Instagram has made business marketing so easy today where businesses can easily target their related audience & convert them to their customers.

Create A Business Profile

Here are some useful Instagram marketing tips that can help your business to grow.

Before you want to start any Instagram activity for your business, you need to create an Instagram business profile. There is a difference in the Instagram profile & Instagram business profile.

In Instagram profile or personal profile, you can only access some limited or basic features but in the Instagram business profile you can access a ton of advanced features, like contact information, Instagram Insights, promoted posts, etc.

Follow Profiles Relevant to Your Industry

You need to do a little survey here. Just figure out your competitors & check if they are using Instagram. Follow them & their followers.

Do this to every competitor for your business & you will see the result. You will start getting followers & those will be relevant from your business.

Do this daily, but keep in mind that you only follow a maximum of 100 people a day & 50 people once at a time. By this way, your account will not be marked as spam.

Post Regularly

One of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram is how frequently you should post. Well there is no such numbers. You may post once in a day, twice in a week or maybe twice, thrice in a day. It is up to you how you manage it.

You need to follow the right approach for the postings.

Let’s say if you are a fashion store & offering shoes, do not directly post about the product picture & ask people to buy. Its bad practice of posting. If you are being pushy, followers will drop it. If you do this more often, chances that followers will unfollow you.


You need to tease people with the product you are offering. See above how well a photo of shoes has been posted & it got also more than 4k likes.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Always use the relevant hashtags. Instagram has the functionality that if you type something using hashtag # it will automatically give you the suggestions with the number of posts done on that hashtag. That is cool, in this way you can easily determine which hashtag is good for your post.

Now, the most underrated trick for using a hashtag is, use 3-4 hashtags in post & rest of the hashtags in the comment section. If you post so many hashtags in your post caption, it will not look good.

Rather than stuffing your post caption with the bunch of the hashtags, useless hashtags on caption & rest on the comment section. You will see the effect of it in your posts.

Use Instagram Analytics

The Instagram business profile has a feature where you can see a lot of data about your profile like profile visits, how many people have reached you in the last 7 days. Which was your most popular posting, etc.

instagram analytics

You should use this data to post while choosing day & timings of the postings. You will see the effect in a few days if you follow this.

If you see above picture, you will easily determine that women whose belongs to the age group 25-34 from New York has your most frequent audience & they mostly interact with your profile in the evening around 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  

Isn’t it cool? Why not share a post at that time, you will get the likes on it ?.

Use Instagram Stories

Did you know? Instagram stories can generate leads for you.

Yes, that is true.

Instagram stories are similar to the Snapchat stories & only lasts for 24 hours. When you post something on your Instagram story, it appears as a slide show & appears on your follower’s news feed. User can simply click on it & see your story.

Here you have a chance to present yourself.

Run Instagram Ads.

Instagram shares data with Facebook which make it the best of it. You can only run ads from Facebook Ads platform. Here you can choose your audience type, age group, location, etc.

You can run ads for both Instagram feed & stories & this will be visible to the audience which you choose from the Facebook audience targeting.

Run Contests

If you have a good number of followers, you can start running the contents on Instagram. Running content is a great way to increase user engagement.

Offer them free stuff like amazon vouchers, eBooks, free giveaways, etc. This is one of the top strategies for brands to engage with their audience. If you do this more often you can also generate sales out of it.

Ask your followers to share your page, repost your posts & they will get the chance to win. If someone does that, their followers will be able to see this & follow your profile.

By this way, you convey your message to your followers & they become the medium for you to get the more followers.

Approach Influencers

Approaching followers for promoting your brand or product is a great strategy & it never gets failed.

Influencers are Instagram users who have a good number of followers & mostly be active on their profile. They have established credibility & considered as Instagram Celebrity.

This approach is similar to the television ads where a brand approaches a celebrity to talk about their product so that people can trust it & buy it. People always listen to their favorite celebs.

On Instagram, this is very similar to the television commercial. You need to find the right influencer & make a good offer to him so that he can promote your product/ service on his page by posting it on their profile.

This will really help your brand & generate leads or sales.

Respond to Comments and Messages

This is time consuming but efficient method to get connected with your followers.

Check each & every message you receive & respond to them.

Even if a follower comment “Nice” on your posts, respond them on a comment by saying thanks or sending smiley.

When you get actively connected with your followers, they will trust you & the service you provide.

The consumer is willing to pay if you are offering a good service. Make them realize that you are the one.


Keep in mind, if you only depend on the traffic from your website, then you will never be the leader in your business. You need to create multiple distribution channels & that will surely work for your business.

Instagram is growing rapidly by the speed of a rocket & you should take leverage of it.

If you really think Instagram marketing is important for your business or you think that we have missed any important point, please let us know in the comments.

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