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Local Pay-Per-Performance SEO

You should partner with us if your local SEO requirements are limited to Google My Business creation, optimization, conversion tracking, and geo-tagging. From Google My Business creation, optimization, to conversion tracking and geo-tagging, we are the pay per performance SEO marketing company you must work with.

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eCommerce Pay-Per-Performance SEO

Modern eCommerce demands modern methods to find customers and sell products. Search engine optimisation is the solution. People today want to shop on websites that look good and are easy to use.

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Full Pay-Per-Performance SEO

With all the services offered by our pay for performance Search Engine Optimization firm, you will find what you need. From keyword research to setting up Google Analytics, metadata descriptions, SEO audits, link creation, and the list goes on.

Pay For Performance SEO Services You Can Trust Upon

Pay Per Performance SEO​ Services

What Is Pay-For-Performance SEO?

For making the SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns more cost-effective and performance-driven, businesses can adopt the Pay for Performance SEO strategy. We are a leading SEO service to provide cost-effective and strategy-driven Pay-For-Performance service. We have introduced a zero-risk, low budget, and performance-based SEO campaigns for our clients.

Many industry surveys reveal that SEO is the most profitable digital marketing strategy to generate organic leads. However, SEO is a time-consuming process. At the initial stage of the SEO campaigns, many businesses cannot see any leads. But, they have to keep investing. For small and medium enterprises, such a situation is challenging.

Noticing the challenges faced by small and medium companies, we have introduced the pay on results SEO service. It is an SEO package model that asks for payment after achieving the goals. We will only charge for our SEO campaigns for your business when we can exhibit success ranking keywords on the first page of Google’s search results.

Performance-Based SEO Marketing for Websites

Our pay on performance SEO campaign stands on a simple equation. The equation says no result means zero payment. For this reason, we call the plan a zero-risk model for our clients. Many businesses are still hesitant about buying SEO packages. They have limited funds, and they cannot risk the limited fund invested in SEO campaigns that eventually fetch no significant result.

Though we believe that small and medium enterprises will get benefitted from this SEO performance model, large scale businesses also find the model more transparent in dealing with SEO services. Despite making tall promises, many SEO services cannot deliver the desired result to businesses. SEO companies deny responsibility, as SEO is uncertain. But, businesses lose money and time.

Since we have found that many businesses come across such poor experiences with SEO services, we have developed a more transparent model to serve our clients. Our SEO pay for performance model is an assurance that you pay for the service that you obtain from us.

Our Approach


We assess your demands based on what you want, what your aims are, and analyse them.

Strategize & Implement

The strategies are produced based on the analysis and we implement those in the campaigns.

Proven Results

You can see the positive results and increase in conversions after successful implementations.

Customers Reviews

"They care about our business and make sure our money is well spent on areas that produce results."
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Gary Tibbetts
"They make sure our money is well spent on areas that produce results, rather than departments that are just busy."
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"They are very valuable because they are truthful and honorable."
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Why You Need Free Pay For Performance SEO

No Results = No Payment

Pay-For-Performance is an SEO package model that believes in providing quality services to clients. If the service is not satisfactory, the client does not have to pay anything. SEO performance is satisfactory when ranking in Google search results improves. Pay-For-Performance SEO intends to fetch better Google search result ranking for the businesses. In many cases, small business owners and entrepreneurs face difficulty in getting SEO results. Though SEO services make big promises, they cannot deliver the best result. At the end of the day, the company loses money without getting results.

Pay-For-Performance SEO helps companies to avoid such problems. The company will have to pay only when they can notice visible changes in targeted traffic and Google search page ranking. We offer a Pay-For-Performance SEO service to build trust with the companies. Pay for the performance model helps in building long-term cooperation between us and clients. It is a more transparent business model.

Is Pay-For-Performance Model Successful?

The Pay-For-Performance model has been a huge success for us, since the time of its inception. Every business wants a result-driven SEO service. Instead of tall promises, they want to see the performance. Pay-For-Performance is a model that serves the businesses as per their requirements. You have to pay for the services, only when you will get satisfactory services. Pay-For-Performance also helps businesses to plan their budget for SEO in a better way. They can plan SEO campaigns according to their budget.

The Pay-For-Performance SEO model includes all sorts of SEO services that businesses need today. From SEO analysis to running the SEO campaigns, service seekers will get all the services that they need. The term is transparent and simple. You will have to pay, only when you have obtained the service. We have experienced SEO experts to provide customized Pay-For-Performance SEO campaign services. Tell us about your requirements, and our team will deliver services accordingly.

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Pay-For-Performance SEO Services & Strategies For Growth

Pay Per Performance SEO works like other SEO packages. Getting the first page ranking in Google takes time and effort. A webmaster has to put various kinds of efforts to achieve a steady and long-sustaining rank in the Google search page result. Our Pay-Per-Performance SEO packages include all those services that are essential for top page Google ranking. The services are:

  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Keyword research process
  • Complete website audit
  • On-page SEO and content update
  • Backlink acquisitions
  • Creating reports

Based on the reports we create, you can observe the performance of your website’s SEO campaign. We ask for payments from clients when the performance that was promised has been delivered. For this reason, Pay-Per-Performance SEO has become quite a popular idea among the SEO service seekers. You have minimal risk involved in the process. You will only pay when you get satisfactory service.

Performance-based SEO maintaining better transparency between service seekers and service providers. SEO is uncertain at times, and many companies lack enough skills to provide the exact service that they commit. Performance-based SEO helps the clients to evaluate the performance of a service provider. They will pay when they get satisfactory results. Features of Pay-For-Performance SEO are:

  • Keyword Research: We provide deep and insightful keyword research. Keyword research plays the most important role in a successful SEO campaign.
  • Website Analysis: Analyzing the website of the clients is an essential thing. It helps to create a perfect SEO campaign roadmap.
  • On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is also an essential part of performance-driven SEO. On-page SEO prepares a website for better SEO performance.
  • Off-Page SEO: Performance-based SEO also includes off-page SEO campaigns. It ensures quick SEO results for the service seekers.

Performance-based SEO helps businesses to obtain services as per their requirements. It also ensures budget-friendly service.

The Pay-For-Performance SEO package is beneficial for both small and large enterprises. So, what are the benefits of such an SEO service model? Find some of the benefits below.

  • No Contractual Investment: With Pay-For-Performance packages, businesses do not need to involve in contractual investment. You pay for the services that you have obtained from the service provider.
  • Result-Driven Package: Pay-For-Performance SEO package is result-driven. The service provider ensures excellent results, and clients pay on the basis of the achieved result.
  • Guaranteed Traffic: With Pay-For-Performance, we guarantee traffic for your business website. We adopt organic SEO methods to fetch more traffic to your website.
  • First-page Rank in Google: Get the first-page rank in Google for your business website with our SEO service.
  • Free Cancellation: Clients can terminate the service at any time if a satisfactory result has not been achieved.
  • Transparent Business Model: With performance-based SEO, you pay for what you get. You do not have to pay for fake and tall promises.

Since Pay-For-Performance is a comparatively new concept for the SEO service seekers. Thus, they have a few misconceptions regarding such SEO service model. We have noticed that lack of awareness make the clients failing to understand the benefits of such SEO package. In the following section, find the common myths with Pay-For-Performance SEO.

Service seekers assume that there will be a lack of seriousness in running SEO campaigns under the Pay-For-Performance model. The reality is that service providers are even more serious in such cases, as they will get paid based on their performance.

Many people think that Pay-For-Performance SEO does not include all the SEO services. In reality, such a model includes all the services that service seekers expect.

The cost of SEO service remains the same with the Pay-For-Performance SEO model. Moreover, you pay only when you receive the promised service.

Pay-For-Performance SEO services seek long term cooperation with clients. It is a performance-driven model, and thus it helps to build a long term relationship.

Pay-For-Performance SEO campaign helps businesses to achieve better Google search page ranking. There are a lot of SEO services that operate in a conventional way. They promise a good SEO ranking in the beginning but fail to deliver the desired in the end.

Our Pay-For-Performance SEO campaign assures the most satisfactory result. We run an SEO campaign for your website. Based on the competition and potential of your business, Google ranks your website on the search page result. Based on the result achieved, you pay us.

Pay-For-Performance SEO campaign helps businesses to take a systematic approach to build online brand value. A good ranking on Google does not come easily. It will not happen overnight. You need to set small goals, and we will achieve those goals in a systematic approach.

Eventually, this is how your website will achieve a high ranking in Google search page results. Pay-For-Performance is convenient for all types of businesses.

There are many differences between Traditional SEO and Pay-For-Performance SEO. In the following section, you can find the key differences between the two.

  • Pricing: The biggest difference between Pay-For-Performance and traditional SEO campaigns is the pricing. In Pay-For-Performance, you pay as per the performance. Traditional SEO demands upfront payment before delivering any performance.
  • Contract: In traditional SEO, businesses get into legal contracts. As per contracts, clients have to pay an initial amount. In Pay-For-Performance, no upfront payment is required, as there will not be any contracts.
  • Suitability: Small scale businesses find it difficult with traditional SEO, as it involves a high expense. For Pay-For-Performance SEO, small scale businesses will pay when they obtain satisfactory performance.
  • Results: With traditional SEO, targets are not achieved in many cases. On the other hand, Pay-For-Performance SEO is a result-driven model. It ensures the best result for the service seekers.

Pay-For-Performance SEO campaign is a performance-driven SEO service. In this model, the service provider gets paid based on performance. In many cases, SEO services make tall promises to clients to win a contract. But, they eventually cannot deliver the service claiming that SEO is uncertain. It causes a loss of time and money for the clients.

If you want to get SEO service in a more transparent manner, Pay-For-Performance SEO is the ideal thing. In traditional SEO, you may have to pay monthly fees. In the PFP SEO model, you do not need to pay monthly fees. You have to pay only when the promises have been fulfilled.

Typically, performance starts getting visible when your website link ranks in the first three pages of Google. From the third page, you may desire to have a better result. We will work to fulfil your desire. When your website comes to the first or second page of Google, we ask for the payment.

Ranking on the first page of Google search results is not a simple thing. We put a lot of effort to achieve such things for our clients. Many other service providers are there, and they claim to deliver first-page ranking. But, they fail due to a lack of skills in running SEO campaigns. We do not ask you to trust us blindly, and that is why we recommend the Pay-For-Performance SEO package. You can have a look at the performance of our SEO service before making payments.

If you want to run a Pay Per Click marketing campaign, Pay-For-Performance is an excellent option. Many veteran web marketing services make tall promises and eventually deliver poor performance. We ask you to pay for our performance, not our promises. If you want to obtain value for money service, Pay-For-Performance is the right thing for you. You make expenses for the services that are worthy of paying.

Why Hire Search Engine Monkey For Pay For Performance SEO Services?

Hiring Search Engine Monkey for the Pay-For-Performance SEO service has many benefits. We are a leading company to introduce the Pay-For-Performance SEO package. Our company believes in ethical and transparent business policies. Thus, we assure a performance-driven and result-oriented service. You pay for the performance, not the promises.

  • Years of Experience: Search Engine Monkey has years of experience in delivering professional SEO services. Being a veteran in the industry, we assure satisfactory results for the clients.
  • Quick Result: We adopt strategies and policies that can fetch quick results for the clients. From SEO to PPC campaigns, we can assure you of quick growth in organic traffic for your website.
  • Dedicated Team: We have a team of dedicated and skilled individuals. Our SEO experts know how to deliver satisfactory SEO service. We provide the best performance, and you pay according to the performance.
  • Transparency: We always believe in a transparent business model. We ask clients to pay when significant performance has been delivered.

Pay For Performance SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Pay For Performance SEO Services

Pay-for-performance is an SEO package that asks clients to pay when they obtain the promised service. Pay-for-performance assures that you get the service that you expect.

With standard SEO, you pay for the services that have been promised. In Pay-for-performance SEO, you do not pay for the promises. You pay for the performance.

Fetching desired result with an SEO campaign varies from one business to another. There are many factors, including competition, skill of the service provider, etc. We commit fast service, as the desired output in faster period will help us to be profitable.

There is no fixed cost for the SEO campaigns. Depending on the requirements, present SEO ranking, and competition, the cost of running an SEO campaign has been estimated.

It is worth paying for Pay-For-Performance SEO, as you will get the value for money service with this model. You pay judging the performance and result.

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